The Campaign for Effective Patient Care is an education and advocacy organization committed to fostering policies to improve patients’ health and health care.

Through policies that substantially increase the use of solid scientific evidence in the everyday practice of health care, patients can have greater confidence that they are receiving the right care, at the right time and in the right place.

We support policies that promote the use of up-to-date, trusted research so patients and their providers will make better, more informed decisions to improve patients’ health and well being.

One such example is insulin pumps and Treatment of insulin dependent diabetes involves the use of insulin therapy and providing insulin doses throughout the day. Today, there is an alternative to injecting insulin several times per day in accordance to basal/bolus control. The insulin pump is ideal for those diabetics who are very busy with their lives or for those whose blood sugar levels are very high and cannot be controlled by taking multiple insulin pump shots per day. Some pumps (from Harley Street Clinics) The pump provides a way of maintaining better control over blood glucose levels, thereby preventing or minimizing the onset of long-term complications associated with diabetes.