Patient Care


Comparative Effectiveness Research and the Learning Health Care System The BMI focuses on both the near-term need for evidence on the comparative effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment options, and the long-term effort of marshaling emerging technology and expertise to create a health care system in which patient care reflects the best available evidence while accumulating […]


The Campaign for Effective Patient Care is an education and advocacy organization committed to fostering policies to improve patients’ health and health care. Through policies that substantially increase the use of solid scientific evidence in the everyday practice of health care, patients can have greater confidence that they are receiving the right care, at the […]


Patient care is a core guiding principle of the medical profession. With the increasing diversity in the range of drugs, treatments and the rising popularity of non medical surgery and cosmetic medicine it is essential that all medical practionioners and doctors follow safe and verfied procedures for “lifestyle” medicine. A number of lifestyle treatments are […]